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Monday , January 12 , 2004


December 1 2003 - Oh yes, such sweet justice.
Yeah, me getting beat up with a bat and a tire-iron is just my way of saying "sorry for not updating for half a year". I hope it helps.

Anyway, I'll return wednesday with a real post.


November 24 2003 - Put my wisdom to good use
Today's comic is infact original MediumRare comic #100. Pretty gnarly, eh?

I'm not too big on the MMORPG thing. First off, not many of 'em make it to the Mac (Everquest, Shadowbane and World of Warcraftare the only a-list ones I know of) and secondly, monthly fees scare my wallet. But that doesn't mean that I'm too big a man to try out some of the smaller shareware MMO's out there. And so I did, together with some guys from #IMG...

Key Nine Online was the game, and let me tell you: It wasn't pretty. Seriously, this is one trainwreck of a game. The only interesting thing about it is that it's sidescrolling - that is in itself an interesting concept for a MMO. Just too bad that this means it's more a bad platform game than an RPG. You jump around, smack monsters that look like green penises with your fists and if you're lucky they drop yellow things that you can use to buy swords that break when you hit the red - seemingly invulnerable - penis like monsters enough.
There's one soundeffect. Read it, one. The animation is horrible (Worst. Walking loop. Ever.), all the characters look like the same anime wannabe stuff you'll find on 70% of the comics on the 'net and don't get me started on character creation.
Consider this a public service announcement: Unless you like being tortured to near death, avoid Key Nine Online at all cost.

Come back Friday for a new comic and a list of DVD's I cry about during the night because i don't own them yet.


November 24 2003 - A legend is reborn - which is kinda creepy
No, your brain didn't suddenly become under influence of any hard drugs or alcohol bloodlevels that just shouldn't be! Everybody's favourite low life internet comic is back in business. MediumRare is back! After about 6 months of inexcusable absence Mike and Eric (+ the obligatory "gang") are back for more! What, I'm not quite sure of. Maybe ink.
Welcome back to my old regulars and welcome to any new readers that might visit. I suggest that you start from the start despite the unchallenged suck-dacity of my first strips.

As you can see a few things have changed. I pulled a Kurtz and horizontalized the comic. I like it a lot better this way. The only reason I didn't do it before is that both Real Life and PvP used the "two frames over each other" formula - I just interpreted it as a formula for success!
I've also tweaked the drawingstyle and look of the characters. My skills with a pen have evolved (or so I like to think) and it's only natural for the comic to follow those changes. It may not look like much has happened but I'm pretty damn happy with it. More importantly though, is that I now draw 100% free hand. In my insatiable quest of ripping people off back when I started MediumRare, I adopted Scott Kurtz' technique with having a sheet with character outlines that I traced so they'd look the same each comic. That is gone. It may have an awkward effect on the first few comics but it has really rejuvinated my love for writing and drawing comics.

Oh, and I have a new design. You like? Responses I've had range from "It's perfect!" to "It's... er... pretty big, huh?" so I guess it's populistic value is hit and miss. I like it myself but, as with most things, that's probably attributed to the fact that I made it myself. No, not the soap. The site.

I hope you enjoy what I like to call MediumRare: Season 2. Come back Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for new comics. See you in two days for a new comic and more me talking about random stuff.



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